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AuthorMaker The Movie

一年一度的 Maker Faire,即將在五月中在美國加州舉辦,它是一個自造者的分享市集,也是豐富好玩的嘉年華活動。今年剛好滿十歲的 Maker Faire,從一開始便啟發了很多人的Maker精神,對DIY重新燃起興趣,甚至把自己小時候天馬行空的想像,真實呈現了出來。台灣現在也有很多地方陸陸續續有了自己的 Maker Faire,今年五月底在臺北也即將舉辦第三屆 Maker Faire Taipei。擔心錯過了好玩有趣的創作?帶你去逛逛美國去年的 Maker Faire,回顧一下這些看似無厘頭,卻充滿巧思的 Maker Projects吧!



幫家裡面的毛小孩做東西,既可以省錢又好玩,看到他們用的很開心或玩的不亦樂乎,心裡就成就感無比!舊毛衣回收自製貓咪睡床 - 從今以後舊衣也不用丟去,直接回收給家裡的貓咪打盹兒。(圖文出處


小時候的玩具夢想,居然可以真的做出來了!派對玩具加農砲:慶祝道具!(注意:請在製作過程中做好防護措施,並隨時穿戴安全護具,在操作含有火藥的派對拉炮時請務必小心,而且千萬不可對著人發射。) (圖文出處


樂高復古唱片機: 自己的派對自起開始,自己的舞台自己創造!(圖文出處

飾品配件類 :





銀湯匙回收:利用美美的銀湯匙做獨一無二的鑰匙圈鏈子,將舊的物品 “向上回收”,從原本準備丟掉的廢棄物變成是常生活的一部份吧!(圖文出處









AuthorMaker The Movie

Maker had the honor to have a screening at the Presidio Middle School in San Francisco in Janurary 25th, 2015. After the screening, a mini maker faire took place and the students had a blast!

Our coordinator later told us that many of the children at Presidio did not know what a "Maker Faire" was.  It was great to have footage of the original Maker Faire in the movie to show them and, hopefully, some of the kids will be inspired to attend it this year.  Her own daughters were seriously inspired to make stuff from "Sylvia's Super Awesome Maker Show".

Here's some wonderful pictures form the mini maker faire:

AuthorMaker The Movie

Maker now has Portuguese subtitles! They are online and available for download. Download here.

Many thanks to Cláudia Bär and Lucas Bittencourt Müller of Fab Lab Floripa for translating Maker's subtitles into Portuguese.

It's been a great pleasure and it will surely benefit Portuguese speaking makers!

AuthorMaker The Movie

Here's a recap of the posters our events made for us back in 2014, we've really enjoyed the creativity and design of them! Take a look!

A Design Film Festival, Singapore

WeMake, Milan Italy

Design & Thinking and Maker joint screening, Apple Union, Taiwan

Father's Day Special, Taiwan

Berkely, USA

Aarhus Filmfestival, Aarhus, Denmark

Maker's Asylum Mumbai, India

Harvard University & Harvard Educational Review, USA

University of Manchester, Manchester, UK

Chinese premiere, Beijing, China

IDSA, Louisville, USA

Fablab Hamamatsu, Take-Space, Japan

Yukonstruct, Canada

Catalyst Project, Australia

National Science Education Museum, Taiwan

AuthorMaker The Movie

Attention Backers: Great news! We've sent out ALL OF YOUR REWARDS!! Whew. Due to Holiday traffic, they should be arriving sometimes in mid-Janurary.

Maker proudly presents the Maker Soundtrack - "Music For Makers" by Onion Ear Music Studio. Introducing the team behind Maker's music: Meet Emily and Tracy from Onion Ear Music Studio.

When writing music for Maker, Emily Lin and Tracy Chen collaborated and enjoy many discussions on making music. During the composing, the team tried to put the spirit of maker into composing the soundtrack. They used the everyday objects around the house such as: wringing music from a broken music box or dropping wooden balls from stairs. They would record the sounds, tease it, and add it into the music. "Creating the music is very hands-on for us." Emily said.

During drumming sessions

Their inspiration comes from learning about the maker movement and support from Maker's production team. Emily smiled: "The director inspired us a lot. He gave us a very supportive and open minded group, and encourage us to be imaginative. "

Trying out different sounds the "maker" way

Lastly, Thank you for all your support this past year. We wouldn't have done it without gracious support from our Backers, fans, and makers from all over the world. Have a wonderful new year!

With joy, 
Maker Team

AuthorMaker The Movie

In addition to the DVDs, we have designed Maker’s T-shirt! The director talks about the idea behind the design:

Film packaging and marketing are just as important for us as making the film. You would never just give a child anything to wear after you’ve given birth to it. A lot of great films have great ideas but have unrelated designs for their posters and merchandises, which is a shame. So I think being a director not only means being responsible for your own film, but also have to be the brand manager of the movie so that the message of the merchandise is identical to the film. 

Model is 5"3, wears size S.

Personally, I’m not to big a fan of hit-movie T-shirts, because they go out of fashion as soon as the movie losses its cool. So here I wanted to design a shirt that has its own story and look - A T-shirt that can be wore out, create conversations, and is independent of the movie.  In the beginning we determined that the T-shirt should be appealing to many makers, but we didn’t want it to be too hardware-themed or give a steely vibe, so we end up spending a lot of time looking for the right curve and shape, so the overall look is more harmonious and pleasing. The end product was very satisfactory. It looked a bit like your typical organic coffee trademark, a little raw, a little rough, and a little elegant. Coupled with our hand-picked dark gray linen cotton material so the color is more engaging and has more texture, and not boring like pure black. Right now we’ve had some great response with it, so all the attention to details in the design seems to be worth it.

The T-shirt comes tucked in a hand-made paper box.

Well, why didn’t we just ask someone to design it? Other than the obvious reason that is budgeting, designing a T-shirt is simply too much fun! We’re not fashion designers, and probably won’t have the opportunity to put on a shirt designed by myself. During the T-shirt production process, we personally selected and contacted the textile manufacturing, and made a point to understand their quality and process of making. To have a local production in Taiwan and a global market. It’s like organic food, we feel safe knowing what, who, and where the food is made of. 

T-shirt material / 100% cotton
T-shirt color / flax grey
T-shirt size  /  S, M, L, XL (  see below for descriptive size)
Material origin / Taiwan
Manufacture origin / Taiwan
Washing directions / Do not tumble dry, do not use bleach 

Get your limited Maker T-shirt today!

AuthorMaker The Movie


「電影的包裝與行銷對我們來說是同等重要,你不會把小孩子生出來之後就隨便他衣服怎麼穿了。有些我覺得很棒的電影,結果海報跟周邊跟電影一點都不搭非常可惜。所以我覺得導演除了監督電影的製作,更要當自己電影的Brand Manager,讓想傳達的訊息一致。

我自己不喜歡太主打電影的 T-shirt,因為電影退流行後 T-shirt 就跟著失溫了,所以希望可以設計一件看起來有自己的視覺與生命的 T-shirt。即使獨立於電影他還是一件可以穿出門,引起一點點話題又不會太招搖的衣服。剛開始就設定這個 T-shirt 應該是許多maker會感興趣的,但不希望他太鋼硬、太硬體思維,所以我們花了很多時間在尋找合適的形狀與的曲線,讓整體稍微圓融一點。最後出來的結果還蠻滿意的,有點像有機咖啡商標的感覺,有點原始、有點粗獷中帶點優雅。配上我們挑過亞麻灰色的純棉材質,讓顏色更耐看有層次,不會像純黑色死板。目前反應還不錯,大家似乎都有看出用心就覺得辛苦值得了~


T-shirt 材質  /  100%棉
T-shirt 顏色  /  麻黑
T-shirt size  /  S, M, L, XL (詳細尺寸請看下圖)

素材產地  /  台灣
加工產地  /  台灣
洗滌方式  /  不可烘乾、不可使用漂白成分的洗衣品

台灣購買連結   /   國際購買連結

AuthorMaker The Movie

Maker now has Vietnamese subtitles! They are online and available for download. Download here.

Many thanks to Thu My LUONG for translating Maker's subtitles into Vietnamese and writing an article on her experience translating Maker. Check it out!

And many thanks to the Fablab Saigon team for organizing Maker's screenings and translation.

AuthorMaker The Movie

Figure out why do you want to host a screening. Are you looking for a movie to educate or to inspire? Interested in learning more about design, prototype, and critical thinking? Check out our first film Design and Thinking.

Plan the screening date according to when the audiences are available. Weekend screenings like Fridays and Saturdays usually have the most turn outs. If the screening is taking place in a school, Wednesday to Thursdays generally are the most successful.

A good location also does wonders to screening experiences. Be creative! But make sure it has the proper equipments for the film to play first. So far Maker has been screened in warehouses, museums, maker spaces, and a rooftop

Screening on a rooftop, Korea

Night in the museum, Australia

Screening at a warehouse, Australia

Screening in Fablab Hamamatsu, Japan

Promotion materials such as a trailer or customized movie posters can peak people's curiosities and interests, so be creative and don't be afraid to try. Social media such as Facebook and Twitter gets the word out fast and effortless. We highly encourage people to get creative with our promotion materials and love to show them off! Find the promo materials here.

Father's Day special event in Taiwan

Maker's Berkeley premiere 

A Design Film Festival in Singapore

Maker's Japan premiere

An after movie discussion panel is highly recommended. Usually local educators or local makers are invited, and it is a great way for local makers to meet each other, show their work, and talk about their experiences in the maker movement. Local makers are generally more intune with what the movie discussed on, and can expand on themes from the movie.

If you're hosting the discussion panel, ask the audience about their initial reactions. Discuss major themes and talk about why this theme is important. Be sure to thank your quests for coming and find out who's interested in future events.

Hong Kong

The Netherlands



The best thing about the maker movement is the hands on aspect of it. So why not have a workshop session right after the movie? For Father's Day, we partnered with Futureward and co-hosted a Father's Day workshop-screening event. We invited 6 different workshop teachers to set up in the back of the screening space, and organized the screening in the front. It was a huge success!

On November 23, 2014, FutureWard hosted one of our first screening+workshop event. See more about it here!

Father's Day Special. Parents enjoying Maker in the left, while the kids have fun with the workshops in the right. 

Children are introduced to drones by a workshop teacher.

A staff guides a mother and children to the mechanics of a 3D Printer.

If you'd like to host a screening of Maker, contact us or request a screening to get things kickstarted!

AuthorMaker The Movie

The Kikk Festival, taken place in Namur, Belgium on November 6&7, 2014. During the screening, the room was pack filled and we got very positive feedbacks. Many students who came said it really made them want to try out things and start building stuff on their own. We are very honored and lucky to have been a part of the wonderful Kikk festival. For more information, see here. For more pictures of the festival, see here.

AuthorMaker The Movie

On November 23rd 2014, in Taipei, Taiwan, FutureWard hosted one of Taiwan’s first workshop screenings in their maker space - where parents watch the film while the kids attend workshops. 

The target audience here are the parents - specifically, parents with young children. 

Here’s what the organizers decided to focus on: two separate spaces - a room for movie screening and an open space for the workshops. The workshop teachers with different programs will engage children while the parents watch Maker. 

The workshops include: 3D printer workshops, make-your-own-holiday-scene workshops, hands-on music experience workshops (performed by our composer), and story room. The idea behind this was so that parents can focus on watching the movie and the kids can have fun in a supervised environment.

The parents throughly enjoyed the film while the children played and sat through story time. After the screening, the adults join in the workshops and are introduced to a local drone maker and 3D printer maker. Needless to say it was a blast!

Maker's team shares their vision and stories in an after movie panel.

Hand made music instruments our music composer brought for the kids to play with.

A story teller grabs the children's attention.

AuthorMaker The Movie

Hi Backers,

We've been having wonderful progress in terms of screening. So far Maker has attended CPH:DOX in Denmark, KIKK Film Festival in Belgium, and have been screened in USA, Taiwan, Japan, and 40 more different countries. See our blog for announcements and cool photos of screening.

Thanks to our fans we now have subtitles of 7 languages - English, Spanish, Italian, German, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese.

After months of designing and making, T-shirts and DVDs are ready to be sent out soon! We would put on the designs here, but we're withholding from showing anything now since we want to give you a surprise when you see it. However, since they'll also be joining the Holidays traffic, we've been told that they may be arriving after New Years. No worries, we'll be making another update when we send the package so you know when to expect them ;)

Meanwhile, we'd like to invite you to watch Maker this season. Get inspired, get creative, and get into the feel of making, cause it is the season of love and gifts. And what better way to show love than making your own presents?

Happy Thanksgiving ya'll.

Maker Team

See the Kickstarter post here, on Kickstarter!


AuthorMaker The Movie