On November 23rd 2014, in Taipei, Taiwan, FutureWard hosted one of Taiwan’s first workshop screenings in their maker space - where parents watch the film while the kids attend workshops. 

The target audience here are the parents - specifically, parents with young children. 

Here’s what the organizers decided to focus on: two separate spaces - a room for movie screening and an open space for the workshops. The workshop teachers with different programs will engage children while the parents watch Maker. 

The workshops include: 3D printer workshops, make-your-own-holiday-scene workshops, hands-on music experience workshops (performed by our composer), and story room. The idea behind this was so that parents can focus on watching the movie and the kids can have fun in a supervised environment.

The parents throughly enjoyed the film while the children played and sat through story time. After the screening, the adults join in the workshops and are introduced to a local drone maker and 3D printer maker. Needless to say it was a blast!

Maker's team shares their vision and stories in an after movie panel.

Hand made music instruments our music composer brought for the kids to play with.

A story teller grabs the children's attention.

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