Figure out why do you want to host a screening. Are you looking for a movie to educate or to inspire? Interested in learning more about design, prototype, and critical thinking? Check out our first film Design and Thinking.

Plan the screening date according to when the audiences are available. Weekend screenings like Fridays and Saturdays usually have the most turn outs. If the screening is taking place in a school, Wednesday to Thursdays generally are the most successful.

A good location also does wonders to screening experiences. Be creative! But make sure it has the proper equipments for the film to play first. So far Maker has been screened in warehouses, museums, maker spaces, and a rooftop

Screening on a rooftop, Korea

Night in the museum, Australia

Screening at a warehouse, Australia

Screening in Fablab Hamamatsu, Japan

Promotion materials such as a trailer or customized movie posters can peak people's curiosities and interests, so be creative and don't be afraid to try. Social media such as Facebook and Twitter gets the word out fast and effortless. We highly encourage people to get creative with our promotion materials and love to show them off! Find the promo materials here.

Father's Day special event in Taiwan

Maker's Berkeley premiere 

A Design Film Festival in Singapore

Maker's Japan premiere

An after movie discussion panel is highly recommended. Usually local educators or local makers are invited, and it is a great way for local makers to meet each other, show their work, and talk about their experiences in the maker movement. Local makers are generally more intune with what the movie discussed on, and can expand on themes from the movie.

If you're hosting the discussion panel, ask the audience about their initial reactions. Discuss major themes and talk about why this theme is important. Be sure to thank your quests for coming and find out who's interested in future events.

Hong Kong

The Netherlands



The best thing about the maker movement is the hands on aspect of it. So why not have a workshop session right after the movie? For Father's Day, we partnered with Futureward and co-hosted a Father's Day workshop-screening event. We invited 6 different workshop teachers to set up in the back of the screening space, and organized the screening in the front. It was a huge success!

On November 23, 2014, FutureWard hosted one of our first screening+workshop event. See more about it here!

Father's Day Special. Parents enjoying Maker in the left, while the kids have fun with the workshops in the right. 

Children are introduced to drones by a workshop teacher.

A staff guides a mother and children to the mechanics of a 3D Printer.

If you'd like to host a screening of Maker, contact us or request a screening to get things kickstarted!

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