In addition to the DVDs, we have designed Maker’s T-shirt! The director talks about the idea behind the design:

Film packaging and marketing are just as important for us as making the film. You would never just give a child anything to wear after you’ve given birth to it. A lot of great films have great ideas but have unrelated designs for their posters and merchandises, which is a shame. So I think being a director not only means being responsible for your own film, but also have to be the brand manager of the movie so that the message of the merchandise is identical to the film. 

Model is 5"3, wears size S.

Personally, I’m not to big a fan of hit-movie T-shirts, because they go out of fashion as soon as the movie losses its cool. So here I wanted to design a shirt that has its own story and look - A T-shirt that can be wore out, create conversations, and is independent of the movie.  In the beginning we determined that the T-shirt should be appealing to many makers, but we didn’t want it to be too hardware-themed or give a steely vibe, so we end up spending a lot of time looking for the right curve and shape, so the overall look is more harmonious and pleasing. The end product was very satisfactory. It looked a bit like your typical organic coffee trademark, a little raw, a little rough, and a little elegant. Coupled with our hand-picked dark gray linen cotton material so the color is more engaging and has more texture, and not boring like pure black. Right now we’ve had some great response with it, so all the attention to details in the design seems to be worth it.

The T-shirt comes tucked in a hand-made paper box.

Well, why didn’t we just ask someone to design it? Other than the obvious reason that is budgeting, designing a T-shirt is simply too much fun! We’re not fashion designers, and probably won’t have the opportunity to put on a shirt designed by myself. During the T-shirt production process, we personally selected and contacted the textile manufacturing, and made a point to understand their quality and process of making. To have a local production in Taiwan and a global market. It’s like organic food, we feel safe knowing what, who, and where the food is made of. 

T-shirt material / 100% cotton
T-shirt color / flax grey
T-shirt size  /  S, M, L, XL (  see below for descriptive size)
Material origin / Taiwan
Manufacture origin / Taiwan
Washing directions / Do not tumble dry, do not use bleach 

Get your limited Maker T-shirt today!

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