Hi Backers,

We've been having wonderful progress in terms of screening. So far Maker has attended CPH:DOX in Denmark, KIKK Film Festival in Belgium, and have been screened in USA, Taiwan, Japan, and 40 more different countries. See our blog for announcements and cool photos of screening.

Thanks to our fans we now have subtitles of 7 languages - English, Spanish, Italian, German, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese.

After months of designing and making, T-shirts and DVDs are ready to be sent out soon! We would put on the designs here, but we're withholding from showing anything now since we want to give you a surprise when you see it. However, since they'll also be joining the Holidays traffic, we've been told that they may be arriving after New Years. No worries, we'll be making another update when we send the package so you know when to expect them ;)

Meanwhile, we'd like to invite you to watch Maker this season. Get inspired, get creative, and get into the feel of making, cause it is the season of love and gifts. And what better way to show love than making your own presents?

Happy Thanksgiving ya'll.

Maker Team

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