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Maker proudly presents the Maker Soundtrack - "Music For Makers" by Onion Ear Music Studio. Introducing the team behind Maker's music: Meet Emily and Tracy from Onion Ear Music Studio.

When writing music for Maker, Emily Lin and Tracy Chen collaborated and enjoy many discussions on making music. During the composing, the team tried to put the spirit of maker into composing the soundtrack. They used the everyday objects around the house such as: wringing music from a broken music box or dropping wooden balls from stairs. They would record the sounds, tease it, and add it into the music. "Creating the music is very hands-on for us." Emily said.

During drumming sessions

Their inspiration comes from learning about the maker movement and support from Maker's production team. Emily smiled: "The director inspired us a lot. He gave us a very supportive and open minded group, and encourage us to be imaginative. "

Trying out different sounds the "maker" way

Lastly, Thank you for all your support this past year. We wouldn't have done it without gracious support from our Backers, fans, and makers from all over the world. Have a wonderful new year!

With joy, 
Maker Team

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