For those who have downloaded the movie before, here are all the subtitle files: 

Thanks to our Simplified Chinese subtitles translator: 吴栩颖 and Wendy Wu of TEDxFuzhou.

Thanks to our Spanish subtitles translator: Antonio Quirarte from Hacedores.

Thanks to our Italian subtitles translator: Zoe Romano and Roberto De Zordo (Tavolo Video Macao) from WeMake.

Thanks to our Japanese subtitles translator: Alexander Moore, Shuji Nakada(中田 修司), Yoshimasa Suda(須田 佳雅), and Yuichi Hirose(廣瀬 悠一) from FABLAB Hamamatsu TAKE-SPACE.

Thanks to our German subtitles translator: Jörn Kiwitt.

Thanks to our Korean subtitles translator: Hyun Park from Minifacture.

Thanks to our Vietnamese subtitles translator: Thu My LUONG & Fablab Saigon team.

Thanks to our Portuguese subtitles translator: Cláudia Bär and Lucas Bittencourt Müller from Fab Lab Floripa.

Thanks to members of FabLab Lodz: Grzegorz Belica, Krzysztof Stasiak, Łukasz Brandt.
Thanks to English revisers: Dorota Piech and Stephen Eastham.

Thanks to our Russian subtitles translator: Reflexion Films and translator Giuliano Vivaldi.


Thanks to our French subtitles translator: Jean Nelson at Youfactory Lyon and Chloé at Fabclub Paris.


Thanks to our Danish subtitles translator: Thorbjørn Hartelius at Teachastic.

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